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2 door wardrobe

With the G544 wardrobe, the task of organizing your bedroom is much easier, bringing charm and practicality to your environment. Manufactured in MDP structure, it has 2 sliding doors, metal hangers and slides.


Height: 230 cm
Width: 180 cm
Depth: 53 cm

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Hanger : Metallic
Slides: Metallic
Raw material: MDP
Feet: Injected in Polypropylene
Weight supported by each shelf: 7 kg
Handles: Metallic
Number of drawers: 3
Number of ports: 2
Height of feet: 5 cm
Mirrors: It has an external mirror
Drawers: Internal
Maleiro: Yes
Weight supported per drawer: 6 kg
Number of mirrors: 2
Number of feet: 8
Number of shelves: 3
Mounting system : Philips and Minifix screw
Type of door: Sliding