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WARDROBE 866031.7 MONACO FREIJO/GRAY MIRROR.LEGS 3 Sliding Doors & 5 Drawers

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Model: 866031.7 MONACO FREIJO/GRAY


Wardrobe / Wardrobe Moval Monaco 3 Sliding Doors 5 Drawers With mirror – Orange/Gray

The Mônaco Couple Wardrobe 3 Sliding Doors Brown/Hazelnut Wood flex is excellent for storing clothes in an organized way, with its modern and refined design it will make your room more attractive.
Contains 5 internal drawers with handles, key in the first drawer to safely store important belongings, telescopic slides that slide more smoothly, pvc object holder in the smaller drawer, many internal shelves, sloping dividers and side frames that ennoble the furniture. It still has 3 sliding doors, one with a mirror and they are flex, where you can choose the color at the time of assembly.
Produced in 100% mdp, which makes the product more resistant and durable.



Product Dimensions:
Width: 270 cm.
Height: 230 cm.
Depth: 56 cm.
Weight: 201 kg.

Product characteristics:
Frame Material: mdp.
Background Material: MDP. Color: Orange/Gray.
Finishing: Painting u. v.
Gloss Scale: Matte.
Number of Doors: 3 Doors.
Door Type: Sliding.
Door Material: mdp.
Has Mirror: Yes.
Has Hanger: Yes, aluminum.
Number of Drawers: 5 Drawers.
Drawer Material: mdp.
Type of Slides: Telescopic.
Handle Type: mdf.
Has Shelves: Yes. Shelf Material: MDP
Has Feet: Yes,
PVC. Differentials: – 5 internal drawers with handles. – Beehive in pvc in the smaller drawer. – Drawer with key. – Internal division with He/She space. – Center shelves in honeycomb style
Comes with mirror. – Flex doors. Mounting System: Minifix / Dowels / Screws. Assembly Manual: Yes. Assembly Complexity:
High. Volumes: 5 Volumes.

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