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Double wardrobe 04 Doors Cadis Amendola Off White With Mirror Demobile - Demobile

Cadiz wardrobe, as it has a large internal space, it is possible to organize the couple’s clothes in a way that they do not squish or mix, it offers a great modernization and sophistication to the environment. 100% MDP structure, made with ecologically correct material, for better durability and resistance to the piece, with UV finishing paint. Composed of 04 hinged doors with metal hinges, two with fixed decorative mirror, 06 external drawers with metal slides, internal shelves, niches for decorative objects, luggage rack, metal hangers and trousers, PVC feet, and handles. This piece of furniture will arrive at your house separated in 04 volumes.

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Height 217 cm Width 200 cm Depth 47 cm


Mounting system Bolts, cylindrical nut and bolts. Cleaning Recommendation Clean with a damp cloth to remove dust. Do not apply abrasive products. *It does not come with an armchair. Important to know The images are merely illustrative, not accompanying objects of decorations and electros. Upon receiving the product, check the conditions of the packaging, if there is any damage, please contact us for guidance. Check the dimensions of the product and make sure that they will normally go through supposed elevators, doors, stairs or hallways in your home. We deliver the products to the front of your house, that is, to your door if it is a house or concierge if it is an apartment. The Store does not provide the assembly service, assembly is the sole responsibility of the buyer, as all products contain an assembly manual, detailing all parts. We recommend that the assembly be done by a professional in the field.

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Color Off white Brand demobile Material MDP Resources Mirror Size Couple Door Type Hit