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Model nr.: 32270/140 VERO


Drawers: 2
Doors: 3 Sliding

Height: 218 cm
Width: 180 cm
Depth: 52 cm
Weight: 110 kg

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Product information
Double wardrobe with mirror 3 doors Vero Demobile ALMOND/Off White

Central portal with mirrors providing a better look in the bedroom. Complete internal distribution with HE/ELA division, drawers with metal slides, trunk and shelves. To guarantee the quality of the product inside the package, the boxes are lined with a heat-shrink plastic and all the pieces are separated by isomant, all to preserve and avoid friction between the pieces inside the package. You will also have a step-by-step manual to help you when you assemble it.

Technical information

Finishing the Print Drawer
Printing Door Finishing
Finishing the Printing Shelf
Mirror Height 49 cm
Mirror Width 51 cm

ALMOND Color, Off White
Demobile Brand
MDP Structure Material
Number of Ports 3 ports