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Model nr.: AX3300

Power : 30W

3 fan speeds

Maximum room size : 34m2

Dust and gas sensor

3 stage filtration :

  • Pre-filter
  • Carbon filter
  • HEPA filter

Deodorizing filter

Child lock

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Turn on clean air in your home
Enjoy the highest quality of air you breathe. The front inlet of the purifier easily draws in polluted air, and the fan and 3-way air flow quickly distribute clean air in many directions simultaneously.

Compact and easy to use
Thanks to the front air inlet, you don’t have to move the device or move it away from the wall to clean or change filters. The pre-washable filter only requires periodic cleaning, and the 2-in-1 filter containing PM2.5 and deodorizing filters can be replaced quickly and easily.

Automatic mode and night mode
In automatic mode – the purifier automatically detects and removes impurities, adapting the power of work to the current state of air in the house. In the night mode, on the other hand, thanks to the blanked display and low sound level – up to 20 dB – you will ensure yourself and your family a peaceful and sound sleep, without fear of waking up the household.