DINING SET DALA 22508.17 / 22505.062 (1 table+8 chairs) (DJ)

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  • DJ Moveis
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Height 814

Width 1360

Depth 1360

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The Dala Table is what you need to decorate your dining room, it has a modern design in a trapeze format, with 25mm pieces that have machined decorative cutouts, making it very elegant and modern. Inside these cutouts, synthetic fabrics are applied, which follow the most current trends.

The top has painted glass applied to the wood, increasing the product’s durability and making cleaning easier and more practical. Plus, the corners are rounded, making your living room safer.


The Dala Table and the Beveled Wood Top with Glass will make your environment much more sophisticated, accommodating up to 8 people, you will receive your family and friends in a warm and contemporary environment.

Important informations: Check the quality of your wall before attaching any furniture to it. Product cores can vary depending on your monitor, the lighting of the environment you are in, and even your visual perception. Besides the color, small details and finishes may not be evident in the photo, so the images are merely illustrative. The decorative objects shown in the photo are not included with the product.



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