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MODEL # 19825.150 FRATELLO

Height (in cm) 41.2
Width (in cm) 90
Depth (in cm) 53.5

Weight (kg): 26.5

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To go with elegant furniture, there’s nothing better than an extremely refined coffee table. The Fratello Coffee Table has a modern and sophisticated design, perfect to complement your environment and is also ideal for use with the Fratello Sideboard, as they are complementary in design.

Its top is bevelled wood with glass and follows the latest decoration trends and also has a top with rounded corners, which is a safety item. The coffee table is produced in MDF, which are resistant and ecologically correct. The base of the table is reinforced, made up of 40mm thick pieces.

The Fratello Coffee Table is the right choice to complement your furniture, making the environment in which it is very refined and luxurious.